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YTC YT-3300 Positioner (YOUNG TECH)

YTC YT-3300 Positioner (YOUNG TECH)

1. Overview of YTC YT-3300 Positioner

YT-3300 Smart Valve Positioner accurately controls valve stroke, according to input signal of 4-20mA being delivered from controller.
It has the following features:
    • Auto calibration
    • Auto/Manual switch
    • HART communication
    • Limit switches
    • LCD display
    • PID control
    • 4 buttons for local control
    • Feedback signal

2. Product Model No. for YTC YT-3300 Positioner

Product Model No. for YTC YT-3350 Positioner

3. Technical Data of YTC YT-3300 Positioner

Technical Data of YTC YT-3350 Positioner

4. Drawing of YTC YT-3300 Positioner

Drawing of YTC YT-3350 Positioner