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ALS300AS2 Limit Switch Box, ALS300AS2 Series Valve Monitor

ALS300AS2 Limit Switch Box, ALS300AS2 Series Valve Monitor

Product Name

Limit Switch Box, Valve Monitor

Model No.



AS-i Limit Switch Box (Valve Monitor) is a rotary position indication device which can directly comunicated with AS-i master. Armed with ACHEM I/O+Sensor Module, the device can sensor the valve position (On/Off), communicate with ASI master and output voltage (24VDC-1.5W) to operate the solenoid valves or relays based on the command from Master and PC.


Certificate of ALS300AS2 Series Limit Switch Box

Specifications And Technical Data

Enclosure Die-casting aluminum: O-ring sealed
Coating Dichromate conversion with polyester powder coating
O-rings Buna N
Environment Type 4, 4X, IP67
Area Classification Standard
Fasteners Stainless steel
Shaft Stainless steel Namur
 Conduit Entries Two 1/2" BSPP
Also available with two 1/2" NPT, M20-1.5
 Terminal Strip Contacts 8~14
 Mounting Bracket MB - 3.4: 30 x 80, 130 H : 20, 30 (Carbon steel) 
 Temperature Rating -20℃ ~ 85℃
AS-i I/O Modules+Sensors
 Model No. AS2
Address 1A-31A, 1B-31B(62)
Outputs (2) 28VDC (3 Watts total power available)
Inputs (4)

2-internal inputs, 11.6mA, 28VDC, Hall effect sensors
2-additional inputs, 16.6mA, 28VDC, mechanical switch, low power reed, or proximity sensor

Current Consumption <10.6mA (with no outputs energized)
Operating Voltage 29.5~31.6VDC AS-INTERFACE
Indication 4 Inputs, 2outputs and network, power LEDs
 Operating Temp.  -40℃ ~ +85℃

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram of ALS300AS2 Series Limit Switch Box

DIP Switch Setting for Exchangeability

Manufacturer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Achem ON ON     ON ON ON  
Westlock, Alga ON ON     ON ON ON  
Sense ON       ON      
Pepperl+fuchs ON              
Stonel     ON   ON ON    
Topworx ON   ON   ON ON   ON

Note: By setting a DIP switch above which buit-in ACHEM Asi card brings the benefit of exchanged between products already installed, or in the case of an expansion of networks already installed without requiring any changes to PLC/DCS. 

Drawing and Dimension

Drawing Dimension of ALS300AS2 Series Limit Switch Box