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AWS Series Scotch Yoke Heavy-duty Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators

AWS Series Scotch Yoke Heavy-duty Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators

1. Overview of AW/AWS Series Pneumatic Actuators

AW/AWS series pneumatic actuator is one kind of scotch-yoke heavy duty actuators. Its output torque, from 0° to 90° (or vice-versa) shows U-shaped. This characteristics is particularly suited for automation of ball valves and butterfly valves. AW/AWS series, available in double acting (AW series) and spring return (AWS series), are compact with two separated cylinders and two pistons. Based on this design, it is easy to make actuators with huge size cylinders, thereby output large torque. So, it is very suitable for automating of heavy calibre part-turn valves or other part-turn mechanisms which required large torque.

The inner wall of cylinders and piston rod are both coated with hard chromium that is good in anti-friction. The actuator adopting oil-free lubricated bearings and guide rings between all the moving parts, which could reduce the friction during movement and lengthen the life of actuator.

Standard Construction

Basic Design pneumatic, dual-cylinder, dual-piston, scotch-yoke
Applicable Temperature -20℃~+80℃ (-4°F~+176°F) please consult factory when temperature requirements exceed the limitation.
Stroke 0°~90°; adjustable range: ±5°
Air supply AW 0.3~0.8Mpa; require pressure to rotate in either direction
AWS 0.4~0.8Mpa; require pressure in only one direction of travel

Typical Application

• automation of ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves

• any quarter-turn mechanism

Key Features

• The Scotch-Yoke Mechanism transforms linear movement of the piston into a 90 degree rotating movement, providing optimum start or end torque

• Provided double acting and spring return configurations

• Dual-cylinder (separated) and dual-piston design, actuators with large output torque are available

• O-Ring Sealed Cylinders essentially eliminate the possibility of any cylinder leakage

• Totally Enclosed Body provides complete protection of all internal moving parts and minimizes the chance of injury to operating personnel

• NAMUR Topworks allow standardization of accessory hardware and the direct or close coupling of NAMUR designed hardware and accessories

• Bi-directional Travel Stops are an integral part of the actuator allowing 85° to 95° total travel adjustment.